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As you all know, our princesses and seamstresses and everyone involved in this company have worked hard everyday to make sparkling hearts the best ,unfortunately we dont have enough hands to get the process going at a faster rate. What we ask of you is if you know any seamstress who would be willing to work with us to make some of our princess gowns thats charges a reasonable amount of money . Also if you know of anyone who is interested in selling any costumes ,props, wigs, ect we would love to contact them as well!
We want to grow as fast as possible and bring more to our customers and for that we will need a bit of help.
cant wait! So excited!
Thank goodness for patience and extra helping hands! Cinderella was able to get her gown complete before the big event! although it fitted a big large she look beautiful just like the night of the ball! :D the gown will be completed and altered but its a good start! 
we had  a blast @ little desireas 1st birthday party and made tons of new friends! :
Princess Tiana had a wonderful time dancing and singing with Princess Maleia and all her wonderful friends and family! A big Thank You to the entire Cosgrove family!

Miss Makayla was so sweet! and welcoming to her party ! Ariel had a few wardrobe malfunctions but in the end had an amazing time with the girls dancing singing and of course ettiquete class!
its so much fun to get to see a princess in the making! :D
Little mermaid pics are up! our mermaid had tons of fun posing and showing off her dinglehopper and her shells! check them out and tell us what you think
Ariel, Tiana and Tinkerbell had a wonderful time celebrating with little Sol and all of her friends today at the Princess Tea Party! Sparkling Hearts is excited to meet more little princesses in the future! We will also be updating our photo gallery with photos from this great event soon!

Intro 02/26/2011
Hello friends!
Welcome to the Sparkling Hearts official blog!
You may now start booking your Tiana and Pocahontas princess parties! Our wonderful seamstress has created beautiful and realistic garments for our princesses to wear!
Keep checking back as we complete our other princess packages!