Sparkling Hearts Entertainment
Where are you located?
Our company is centered in Pasadena, California, but we extend our party services to the greater Los Angeles area.
What is the booking policy? 
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required 1 week after booking a date to secure the date and time of your event. Payment can be made in check or cash .The remaining balance will be due at the end of the event before the character leaves. To maintain character credibility, no money exchanges are to be made in front of children or guests other than those who book us.

Can we reshedule?
Absolutely! Rescheduling should be done within four weeks of original date .
How far In advance do we have to book?
We like to ask that you do all scheduling at least 4 weeks in advance. Last minute arrangements are possible, but not always guaranteed.
Who takes care of misbehaving children or sick children?
You as the host are responsible. Our princesses are there to engage in party activities only.
Do I need to supply anything for the princesses?
 We bring all our equipment and are ready to bring the magic but we greatly appreciate a table and chair.
Are outdoor parties acceptable?
YES we love the outdoors (and indoors too) . All we need is enough space to have the children around us. We are very flexible with space and conditions we work with.If you choose to have an outdoor party, PLEASE make sure to have a backup in case the weather does not permit the continuation of the festivities. Also, since our costumes are very warm we would GREATLY appreciate it if we could be placed in a well shaded area.
Do you only host parties for young children?
No , we can host events for people  of all ages and styles. More characters and activities are frequently added so check back to see what is new to offer.
What is your policy on tips?
Though Tips are not required, they are greatly appreciated to help keep our party services fun and affordable for all! Any tips should be included with the final payment after the event, as always, away from children and party guests.
Do you offer a photographer?
Yes! We have teamed up with some amazing photographers for photo and video services. Check out the Photographers section for prices and info!
Parking, Entrance and Exit?
If possible, Please leave a space close to the event location reserved for us . We love to surprise the children so we will try  to make a grand entrance without the children seeing our automobile. Likewise, we will try to leave the party in a similar manner, with a grand exit. 
Can Party Favors or small gifts be added to package?
YES! Please call or Email us for more information.

What sets aside Sparkling Hearts from all other event  companies?
Our true passion to bring the magic of fairytales and love though singing ,Dancing and bring the most magical experience you party has event experieced. We make it a point to bring attention to ALL your guest and make sure not one person is left out of the fun. Our character are authentic and Stay in character and remain professional throught the event. All details of event and special guest is reviewed and carefully put into consideration to make everyones day and experience full of of magic.

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