Sparkling Hearts Entertainment


Mariel Moreno *co-owner*
Costume and makeup designer . 15 years in acting, singing and dance training and a true princess at heart. Mariel has been part of productions such as Ovations:A musical review (for 5 years), Welcome Home, an original musical, Do-whop Girl (little shop of horrors), (ensemble), Pippin (ensemble), Annie, Sally (you're a good man Charlie Brown) and much more. Mariel has also worked with kids for 6 years and knows how to interact with people of all ages.
*characters offered: little mermaid,Tinker fairy, Snow White,Cinderella,Alice Rappunzel,Bayou princess friend and candy queen


Aleu Moana -*Co-Owner*
Aleu has over 10 years of vocal, acting and dance training. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Aleu now resides in Los Angeles where she studies acting, modeling, musical theatre, animation and marine biology! A true expert in cartoon magic! Her previous projects include The Dancers, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Little Shop of Horrors and Limbo the Musical.
Characters offered: Pocahontas, Atlantis Princess, Esmeralda, Frog Princess, mermaid friend and Arabian princess

Coming soon: Iridesa pixie friend


Allie Olson - Performer.
Allie has trained in the arts for many years, and performs in musicals and shows year round. Her love for theater has helped win her roles in plays including The Apple Tree, Comic Potential, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, and many others. As a film actress, she has booked commercials and films such as Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution, Your Name Here, Control Tower, and more. Allie also writes, sings, and records her own music. She has placed original songs in seven films, gotten cuts with two independent artists, and received radio airplay on her holiday single. With a full year of experience as a children's party entertainer Allie loves the magic of being able to bring our favorite characters to life.

Characters offered: Alice,Sleeping princess ,Cinderella,tinker fairy,Rapunzel,Jasmine *,thumbalina,swan princess



Performer:Ashley MollerAshley Nicole has been involved in theater ever since she was little. Her first productions being an abridged version of disney's Beauty and the Beast where she played Belle and Lafou. Ashley has had some dance training as well vocal training from many different teachers. She loves acting and has played an array of characters in plays such as Sound Of Music (Marta), Music Man (Pick-a-little lady), Les Misarables (Chorus and Eponine) Beauty and the Beast the musical (Belle) and Children's theater. Ashley has worked at My gym for two years and knows how to interact with kids of all ages. She has warm heart and loves to share it with everyone she meets.
Characters Offered: Esme,Pirate princess ,
Coming soon: Vidia pixie friend,Belle