Sparkling Hearts Entertainment

Photography & Video Packages

Sparkling Hearts Entertainment has teamed up with professional photographers Joshua Ian Robles and Erik Irwin to offer photography and videography packages to make your little one's special day last forever!


$50 for 25 minutes of picture taking.

$75 for 40 minutes of picture taking

$100 for a full hour of picture taking. This will include a special photoshoot with the birthday girl and her "Royal Court". (This photo package goes best with the Sparkle Party Package coronation ceremony!)


$70 for 30 minutes of filming

$130 for 1 hour of filming

Our photographers:

*All clients who purchase a photo package will receive their photos on a CD or DVD within 2 weeks after the event. Video may take 3 weeks due to editing, formatting and polishing.

Note: Due to editing, videos will be much shorter than the actual duration of the party. Prices are determined by the photographer's time spent filming and editing, not by the length of the final product.